i need a DBA for catering bartending

On October 3, 2010, in bartending, by Stephanie

Because I may soon have a lead on a regular monthly meeting (cash bar, 40 people, extended luncheon, and that's all I can really say until contracted) .

I do not want to DBA under my name because there's a chance I'll need to hire a secondary person to act as driver/server (get me & equipment there/pour wine and beer and deliver to tables), and should I need to incorporate for insurance reasons, I want a name that's separate. The names I use are related to my name, though; Thespian is a near anagram of Stephanie, SleepingCat is SC – Stephanie Clarkson, and SMaCk was based on SMC (middle name is Mae).

I am thinking of 'The Meandering Speakeasy' (Mae, Stephanie), or (less connected), 'The Vagabond Speakeasy'.

I want old fashioned sort of words; carouse, speakeasy, joint, dive, mutiny, gin mill, sauntering, etc.

I'm brainstorming here. Ideas would interest me, but this is mostly me jotting this to process.


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