last night's drink

On October 2, 2010, in bartending, by Stephanie

was 1oz ginger simple syrup (2c water, 2c sugar, boiled, cooled, then reheated with about a cup of roughly chopped ginger over low heat for about half an hour, then strained), 1.5oz of light rum, and a squirt of lime juice (straight, not Rose's). shaken with ice, and poured into an old fashioned glass which was then filled with soda (from the sodastream) then laced with 1/2oz dark rum for fun. If I'd had lime slices, that would have been the garnish.

It's very similar, really, to a Dark & Stormy, but really I think what you'd call it is 'Slightly Overcast', between the clear rum base, the slight brown of homemade ginger syrup (which had some sediment from the ginger in it), and the lacing giving it a dark layer at the top.


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