Bitters: I smell great

On November 29, 2010, in bartending, bitters, by Stephanie

by any other nameSo earlier tonight I was agitating the various bitters mixtures (cherries in Jack Daniels, ginger in Vodka, various bittering agents in Everclear, etc). Making bitters is very much like when I’m made extracts in the past, like vanilla or cherry, except right now I’m making 14 different extracts, some are blended mixes, and then later on I’ll combine them.

The reason for doing this is so I can adjust the flavours after the extracts have done their job; if I find that a mix of cherry and gentian is too bitter, well, I’ll have a couple cups of gentian, and a couple cups of cherry extract, to then readjust the flavour profile.

One of the things that I also did tonight was rebottle the rose petals; one of my jars is of rose petals and flowers, which were soaking in vodka (the Everclear would be a little harsh on them, I believe). They had soaked enough that they were slightly above the alcohol line, though, so I decided to put them in a larger jar, and also add a little more vodka to cover them.

The extract smells amazing.

A tiny bit of it got on the back of my hand, and I’m still getting a whiff of it every so often, this amazing, light, floral scent, which is definitely rose, but is not at all like a rose perfume scent. It’s going to be added to the blood orange bitters, to emphasize the floral nature of the bitters that I’m hoping to evoke, but with the addition of the vodka tonight, I think I’m going to have a few extra ounces of just this stuff, which I think will be excellent in a rose petal Vesper (using this rose petal infused vodka as the vodka portion). We shall most certainly see.


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