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On November 19, 2010, in bartending, by Stephanie

Mutineer MagazineEver encountered a magazine that was just amazingly…cohesive?

Mutineer Magazine is just that. I encountered it for the first time while taking the bartending class in Boston. The July/August issue focused a lot on New Orleans because they were very obviously gearing it towards the crowds at Tales of the Cocktail (TotC seems to be very close to being…hmm. Not Worldcon…sort of like Dragon*Con for cocktail enthusiasts, bartenders, etc).

I couldn’t find the September/October issue anywhere. The Borders that had carried the last issue didn’t have it, neither did the Coop or Out of Town News. Or The Boston Shaker, which was sad. So when I did a survey that offered ‘Subscription to a magazine’ as the ‘payment’, and found Mutineer on the list, I totally snagged it.

The Nov/Dec issue showed up today, and it’s *great*. It’s like if Alton Brown and Mario Batali were turned into a drink magazine. Ok, that’s a really bizarre way of putting it, but one that my friends will understand.

The magazine is enthusiastic, recognizes great things but doesn’t stick up its nose at lowbrow stuff (it has interviews with sommeliers as well as articles deconstructing the popularity of Mexican Coke). It doesn’t stick to bar culture; there is a really gripping article on a woman who was leading a wine bike tour in Austria that was mostly full of New Yorkers during 9/11, another on A Child’s Right‘s work to provide water and pumps to third world schools, and finally a really interesting article on Coffee Strong, “a veteran-owned, veteran-operated GI coffeehouse. Veterans provide a safe place for soldiers to share the effects of disastrous wars, within 300 meters of the gates at Ft Lewis.”

The magazine is new; this is its 14th issue, and it wasn’t a glossy until just over a year ago, it seems (it has zine type roots). It’s obviously having issues being found. It it interests you, I encourage you to consider throwing $15 at them for a year’s subscription, or even just ask after it, especially in Borders, which *can* get the magazine, but isn’t making it very findable in the Boston area (Boston Shaker wants to carry it but their magazine distributor doesn’t have it, from what I understand).


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