local tending: taza and bittermens

On December 19, 2010, in bartending, bitters, buy stuff, deals, by Stephanie

A short while ago, Taza Chocolate, a local artisanal chocolate factory here in Somerville, started working with Bittermens, a bitters company that makes very small batch bitters that are very tasty. Bittermans actually rents space in the Taza factory. Bittermans offers an amazing chocolate mole bitters using Taza’s chocolate under their own brand name, and makes a chocolate extract that is sold under the Taza brand name. For the most part, at $18 a piece for either the extract or the bitters, they are for pros and serious enthusiasts, but I assure you that they’re worth it.

Taza is (as of last weekend) now offering tours of their factory where Bittermens is located). It is $5 to take the tour, and they happen Thursdays and Fridays at 4pm and Saturdays and Sundays at 1pm and 3pm. However, there is a deal today at BuyWithMe – for $5 you can tour the factory and get $5 of chocolate from their factory store.

I am going to use my store credit towards the Taza/Bittermens collaboration, chocolate extract, available here.  J points out that this is basically ‘buy $5 of chocolate and get a tour for free,’ though I think it’s ‘pay for a $5 tour and get chocolate for free. Either way, it’s a sweet deal. Literally.


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