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On November 16, 2010, in bartending, by Stephanie

Four Lokoa few of you have posted things about the Four Loko investigations, etc. I’ve commented in some of your journals about it, blah blah. What I’ve seen in the little glimpse of the pro trade mags and sites I see has basically been “If a business was told for for years that there was an issue with their product, ‘could you please do something about making your product safer and educating your customers more?’ and they didn’t, well, they brought it upon themselves, but it’s worrisome because they brought it upon others, too.”

(consider for example; my freshly brewed coffee syrup has, in 1 cup of it, about the caffeine of 4 cups of coffee. So each ByNear/Byfar has about half a coffee worth of caffeine. And vodka. I think it’s safe to say that my craft cocktail is a very different thing than a $2.50 can of Four Loko, but laws tend to be indiscriminate)

Anyway, I came across the best quote on the subject today at Liquor Snob that rather casually sums up what most bartendery types seem to be saying on the subject.:

It’s fairly obvious the drink is being aimed at college kids and maybe even high schoolers, who are only chasing the buzz and have not developed any real taste for good booze yet, and that’s pretty shitty.


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