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On March 18, 2011, in bartending, cocktails, USBG, by Stephanie

stuff magazineNow, admittedly, it sort of came out 11 days ago, and is only out until Monday or so (depending where you live). But it will always live online!

With that: this week’s Liquid column by Luke O’Neil was on the subject of ‘leftover liquors’; that stuff you bought once, 5 years ago, because it was trendy or your girlfriend was really into Kamikazes, then you broke, up, and the bottle is…sitting there. O’Neil asked a number of bartenders for suggestions, and took me up on my suggested uses for Midori and butterscotch schnapps. Interestingly, I was the only bartender not attached to a bar or restaurant.

Stephanie Clarkson, a private-party bartender and, like Bunnewith, a member of the Boston chapter of the United States Bartenders’ Guild (USBG), suggests using Midori in place of triple sec in a margarita. “Instead of being too sweet a note, it adds some play to the sour dominant note.”

Butterscotch schnapps are salvageable too, Clarkson says, as in her recipe for the Almond Butter, made with one ounce of amaretto, one ounce of butterscotch schnapps, chocolate syrup, two to three ounces of cream, and seltzer water. It’s like a grown-up egg cream, she says; the carbonation “cuts the sweet schnapps, and you wind up with a very clean-tasting drink that still satisfies the sweet tooth.”

<self promotion> Dear Bar or Restaurant: If you hire me, then when I get quoted, you would be next to my name in bold letters in a magazine read by 234,000 people. Wouldn’t that be nifty? I am building an audience. People at parties ask where I bartend on weeknights. I can put butts in your seats, and I can keep them there. Think about it! -Thanks, Me</self promotion>

My mother claims that I only trained as a bartender because I was having problems becoming a celebrity chef without actually going out and spending years at culinary school (in point, I have made a hobby of auditioning for reality series, and because I can’t sing, and I’m not a rich housewife or a pregnant teen or whatever the residents of Jersey Shore are, I’ve auditioned for cooking shows because I can, in fact, cook. But really, it’s the auditioning that fascinates me). When I showed her this article, she said, “Trying another tack, are you?”

I did admit to her that this is certainly more resultageous. But also it’s REALLY KEEN.


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  1. Rachel says:

    That sounds really interesting. Your concoctions never cease to amaze me.

  2. Laurie says:

    I would totally drink the Almond Butter. Or several. Y’know, once I’ve given birth and all. :-}

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