Because this’ll always end well, amirite?

On May 23, 2011, in beer, by Stephanie

PortOPongThere is a site out there called ‘OpenSky’, which is a ‘curated’ shopping site. some famous person picks out one item a week for an extra special deal, but there are only say, 20 available at that price; and then an unlimited number for a small discount.

I follow Michael Ruhlman on there, because a while ago (though I couldn’t afford it) the offer was a KitchenAid mixer for about 40% off, and it seemed like it might be worth it. Also it’s Michael Ruhlman. Some of you know whattimtalkingbout. Rowr.

so I keep an eye on his selections. a couple days ago I noticed that Zane Lamprey, a celebrity bartender type that no one has heard of was shilling there. Ok, maybe you’ve heard of him, but I bet not. He had a show called Three Sheets. Now, what’s fun about Three Sheets is that it was on MOJO. for about a year, until MOJO went tits up. So the show moved to Fine Living Network. For a year until FLN…went tits up. It then disappeared for a while, and he had some rallies to show other networks that the show was viable. Despite hundreds who turned out (no, seriously, hundreds; 400 in Los Angeles), the Travel Channel picked it up, but cancelled it before it managed to kill them, too.

Despite this, it’s a bartendery thing, so I thought I’d just see what was offered. Even though he’s the bartending equivalent of Guy Fieri, there might be some things worth seeing.

The first offer? PortOPong, a floating beer pong rack, so you can play beer pong … in the pool. Yes, I should have expected this. But seriously, he’s shilling a game that tells you to GET IN THE WATER and START DRINKING.



2 Responses to Because this’ll always end well, amirite?

  1. Rachel Kadel-Garcia says:

    Oh dear.

  2. Laurie says:

    Puts a whole new spin on, “Here, hold my beer and watch this!” Oy.

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