update and packaging rumination.

On November 15, 2010, in bartending, by Stephanie

So we are almost to the end; there are 2 bottles of Cherry Ginger and 3 bottles of Blood Orange left (the Chip-In does not track people who are sending cheques, paying in cash, etc).

I've been looking at different bottles for packaging, and going back and forth. I'm really curious about other people's thoughts.

The first choice is a 4oz Boston Round bottle. It has a great advantage in the precise size of the dropper, and it's not an uncommon way of packaging bitters (it is used by Bittermens and Urban Moonshine). Also I have to admit, I totally love the old fashioned apothecary style look. It also has the option of being bought in colbalt or amber. The cobalt ones cost 20 cents more but they are so *pretty*.

The other option is a 5oz Woozy Bottle. Its a traditional bottle for the field (Angostura, Regan's Peychaud's all use it). It is larger, but about a quarter cheaper. It does make for the more traditional 'two dashes bitters' delivery, but it'll be harder to use otherwise, for cooking purposes (ie, using a tsp of Cherry Ginger instead of vanilla in fresh whipped cream, or adding the Blood Orange to jerk chicken seasoning).

So it seems *likely* that I'll go with the apothecary style bottle. I like the aesthetics, and the dropper for delivery. But I'm not making these for me (I can always just buy a single bottle for myself and package things to my own preference), so I'm curious how other people feel about things – which packaging do you prefer, both in terms of usage and looks?

In other news, Alton Brown made homemade grenadine on an old episode of Good Eats that I saw the other night. Damn him.


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