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Stephanie Clarkson, bartender

Stephanie at Christopher's


  • 15 years' experience managing projects in challenging, fast-paced environments
  • Demonstrated ability to flexibly acquire skills on the job with ease
  • Innovative problem solver, with excellent communication skills
  • Entrepreneurial spirit who is used to proactively creating new business.

Boston, MA, August 2010

  • Intensive Hands-on Professional Bartending Program
  • Training in glassware, pouring, shaking,
    up-selling, and cleanup of bar
  • Knowledge of specialty drinks, cocktails, shots, and multi-liquor drinks
  • Understanding of presentation, handling techniques, and proper service of wine

ServSafe Alcohol
Certified August 2010

Independent Bartender
August 2010-Present
  • Private bar service at parties and catered events
  • Provides fresh juices, sour mix, home made syrups and bitters to clients to create an upscale feel
  • Take care of guests with individual, attentive service, freeing hosts to socialize
Freelance Web Developer
July 2006-Present
  • Self-starter, running successful freelance business
  • Work with clients to create websites from concept to launch
  • Sought out new business and maintained existing clients

Distribution and Supply Fulfillment (seasonal)
Newbury Comics Warehouse

Sept. 2008 – Jan. 2009
  • Received and processed incoming orders for fulfillment
  • Inspected and repackaged over 1000 used CDs, DVDs and videogames for sale in Newbury Comics locations daily
  • Found methods of improving workflow – implementation made sorting process 10% faster, and provided better records of shipped items
Web Developer
Activity Info
April 2008 – August 2008
  • Provided conflict resolution in passionate debates between management, marketing and programming staff
  • Wrote concise reports documenting daily work
  • Met with investors and worked to engage them in our product
Bookseller - Pandemonium Books
August 2008 – Sept. 2008
Electronics – Target (seasonal)
Oct. 2007 – Jan. 2008
  • Keyholder, balanced daily books, trained employees
  • Kept track of supplies and took initiative to order and stock inventory
  • Used advanced upselling techniques, remembering customer's previous purchases to increase revenue and satisfaction
  • Used PoS system, ran credit cards, performed cash and check transactions
  • Served over 50 customers an hour during peak retail season in busy electronics department
  • Booked guests and ran events; performance by Jonathan Coulton, signing featuring Joss Whedon which attracted over 800 people